Order of Illumination

Oblivion CID begins

Sign up for the CID and download the rules.(Here's hoping I didn't leave anything embarrassing visible)Constance BlaizeFeat upgrade - still +1 armor, no longer collects souls, she collects souls herself, Divine Inspiration for all Morrowans, Spending focus to boost is a passive abilityAnimosity Rules largely removedGallant - Generic Shield Guard, Bond - Sacred Word in base contactPrecursor Knights - not starting out as a legacy change(All Archons) Divine Manifestation - Cannot be knocked down or suffer blind, FA: 2, not livingMorrowan Archon - DEF 14, ARM 18, Shield, Command 10, Veteran Leader: Morrowan, Soul Ward - prevents enemy souls, Sacred Ward, Set Defense, Righteous Vengeance, Hand of Morrow - Global d3 remove damage after a model dies, Execrator - bonus damage vs. ...missed it, flight. 10hpsFeedback wanted: Wanting to know if they do enough against not just evil dudes.Menoth Archon - Soul Ward, Flying, Retaliatory Strike, Flame Trail, Soul Ward, Fire's Reckoning, +2 movement and boosted damage and rol

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