Orion Hounds

Project: Orion, King in the Woods! Figurkowy Karnawał Blogowy #50 - MONSTER!

For non polish visitors, I hasten to explain that Carnival of Blog's Minis is the initiative of polish miniatures bloggers. The idea is based on monthly challenges on various topics about miniatures etc. This month's theme is "MONSTER!".Trwa 50 edycja Figurkowego Karnawału Blogowego, ogłoszona na łamach bloga Fantasy w Miniaturze, zaś motywem przewodnim jest "MONSTER!". Today I will show you a real monster. Orion, King in the Woods, is the everlasting Lord of Athel Loren and co-ruler of the Wood Elves (in Age of Sigmar he is Avatar of the Hunt). His powerful appearance alone inspires respect and arouses terror. In combat, Orion is the real Avatar of the elven god of the hunt - Kurnous. When Orion leads his Wild Hunt to fight, he is always accompanied by a pack of savage Hounds.There are many reasons why Orion is a monster for me. First of all, I painted him for more than 3 years! I needed Orion for my display on Armies on Parade in 2015 (Orion's Ritual) and since then I

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