Orks 40K

Kustom Boosta Blasta

I recently finished my Kustom Boosta Blasta for my Speed Freeks team.  I put this model on a custom based made by Mechanical Warhorse.  The base is made from MDF with a plastic bottom.  There are two holes cut in it to hold dice.  I left the blank in one hole and covered it with basing material.  It is a good base for the buggies if you want to have a wound counter on it. 

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Warhammer 40K "OG" Tournament

Yesterday What's New with Mike and Jeff hosted our first annual Warhammer 40K "OG".  The event was held at Imperial Outpost Games in Glendale AZ.  The "OG" does not stand for Original Gangsta, it stands for Old Guys and is a throw back tournament.  We wanted to host an event that had tables filled with terrain and just a fun day of playing 40K.  It was a one day 3 round event with each round taking 2 hours so we could be social and have fun.    We went with Power Level so it was easy to build army lists and required WYSIWYG.  It was also mono armies so only one codex for your army to eliminate MIN MAX builds.  We used the Open War cards to determine the Objective, Deployment and Twist.    The event was a success with 28 people showing up and staying till the end.  This was originally only going to be an annual event however we were asked by many of the players to host it more often.  We are going to host another Warhammer 40K OG in Februar

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