Osprey Wargames

Gaslands - Petrol Heads and Zombies

For our 2017 Christmas game the members of THAGG (that's the The Honourable Arbroath Gamers Guild) decided to play Gaslands which had not long been released by Osprey as part of their Blue Book Wargames series. Children's toy boxes were duly looted and spare bits boxes raided to create a selection of wacky and weird over the top vehicles.The kingsleypark meat wagonThe ArenaMuch mayhem ensued, if I remember rightly I don't think I made it past the first corner and if memory serves me right, I think Gary the Shark won, although Roo seems to remember that everyone's cars ended up wrecked. Anyway we all agreed it would be good fun and that we would have to play again soon.Best laid plans and all that.......So dawns 2019, and with the THAGG long running D & D campaign finally finishing and Kev and Paul more inclined to spend their Wednesday nights playing some online game rather than taking part in the pure art of tabletop gaming, the committed THAGGers decided it was time to dust down the motors and so i

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