Battle of Flint Hill - AD61

Over the weekend Postie put on a classic encounter between a disciplined Roman army and a bunch of very angry Britons lead by queen Boudica herself. My youngest daughter, the Padawan herself, had asked for this game specifically. She's effectively a fully fledged member of the Rejects now, having been to several games over the last few years. It's getting increasingly hard to tear her away from her tech, but on Sunday she exited the digital realm to get 'old skool' with her Pa. Her only stipulation, she had to be Boudica...and given the determined look on her face, I couldn't argue with her! The Setting  We played a fictional battle but one that could have been easily replicated during this period. The Romans are vastly outnumbered but have a strong position on top of a hill, with plenty of bolt throwers and archers to weaken the advancing British. Order of BattleBritish - Queen Boudica (The Padawan) in Chariot  1 Chieftain Leader in Chariot  1 Chieftain Leader on Horse

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