More New Malifaux

A few more "wargaming standard" Malifaux models have made it through the painting pile. They are OK on table, but these close-ups are a tad unforgiving. First up are Joshua Fitzsimmons and his Saboteurs - M&SU agents who focus on the Union's more, ahem, "destructive" goals and are in the Backdraft box set thats now been sort of replaced in M3e. Joshua has a long scarf and a bit of a mad look about him, so a Tom Baker-style Dr Who colourscheme seemed about right. The pair of Saboteurs could easily have been quite dark, but I went with a green khaki coat to give them a bit of the "1984" about them. One is modelled with long flowing hair, so she's ended up with some radical anarchist style purple locks as well to keep the theme going.Fitzsimmonds has a placard too - mine borrows the placard imagery from the seminal 1986 Billy Bragg "difficult third album" Talking with the Taxman about Poetry, drawing obvious parallels between Fitzimmons ideologically indistinct place in the Malifaux MS&am

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Chat: Finding my feet with Contrast

Full disclosure, Games Workshop sent me the full range of Contrast paints free of charge. This isn't a paid for promotion and these are my own opinions. Firstly I'm a Citadel Colour user. I've done the switch to other manufacturers and switched back when Games Workshop released their Base, Layer, Shade, Edge System. When Games Workshop announced Contrast it really grabbed my attention. Long story short, a couple of emails later, Games Workshop selling out most of their range in three days and a couple of weeks wait and I'm now in a position to play with the new paints. Find out what I think after the jump. More after the jump

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