Paint Process

Seal to Prime Ratio

Seal : Prime ratio tells me if I'm building too much or painting too fast.I spray prime everything. I spray seal everything. I have a garage where I can do these things and a filtered mask that I wear whenever I remember to dig it out.I generally don't prime without sealing, which means that if I want to prime something to paint I also like to have models painted up to seal. Or if I have models that need some coats of varnish I also like to have models on hand that could get that first bit of primer.Tying the two stages together reminds me to constantly work toward getting things done. To not set up too many dreams or empty out my tank on any single session of paint.But this is probably not a good seal : prime ratio.On the left I have 8 completed models. On the right I have 18+ models.On this day, I have increased my painting deficit by 10+ models.Painting deficits aren't the worst thing that could happen. After all, there's a common belief among us hobbyists that you will die once you finish your last model.

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