Painting Points

Daily Chronicle: Painting Points, A Personal Milestone

With this mornings post on 'Joker' (Arkham Asylum), I hit a personal milestone with Painting Points.I started tracking "Painting Points" back in 2010, shortly after I started blogging, as a way to keep me motivated each year to keep on painting my models.  Through the years a lot of fellow bloggers tried to do the same thing, but honestly I think I am one of the few who is still tracking it.So what is this "milestone" I am referring too? Well it is a "sort of a milestone", back in 2010 I had 819 Painting Points for the year, which is ridiculously high, that is due to the fact I was painting and collecting Warhammer 40K armies with all of their Vehicles (which Vehicles score me 10 points), so unless I start playing/collecting Warhammer 40K again, this amount of points will never happen again.Then in 2014, I started playing Bolt Action, with a large amount of Infantry men and a few Vehicles, that year I scored 364 Painting Points which was my highest amount till this morning.This morning with 'Joker' 

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Weekly Chronicle 2019 #26

Well today is July 1st and we are half way through 2019 and the start of the 3rd Quarter for my Painting Queue.  Since keeping track of individual quarters, this past quarter was the most models I have completed in a 3 month span (58 models completed) and that does not count for any of the terrain I had built.  The terrain that was built does count for my Painting Points, and as of now I have already surpassed 2017 and 2018.  I should be able to finish the year with the second most points ever (I think 2010 will be untouchable since I no longer play/collect/paint horde type games/armies).This past week looks like it was an average week for me, 2 models were completed for my "Bane: Venom Overdrive" Bat-Box, leaving just 2 more models to finish the box, and a game of BMG was also played this past Saturday.This week I should be able to complete the Bane Bat-Box and start prepping a few more models, I just have to decide on what is next.Gaming wise, I should also be able to squeeze in a second/thir

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Painting Points: May 2019

Since I started keeping track of Painting Points back in 2010, it helps keep me motivated to finish models, terrain, and to post here on the blog.  My previous record month for Painting Points had been back in March of 2014 with 177 points.  This month of May 2019 I had reached 196 points.  Just like 5 years ago, a majority of this months points had come from building terrain for Batman Miniature Game, but I still managed to get in quite a few models completed also.Majority of my terrain is now built, so it will probably go back to normal months for the rest of the year.

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