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A Couple of Rules Reviews - A View of the Disunited Kingdom and The Zone

Taken from the Miniatures PageSkirmish Wargaming in the Late C20th CenturyWritten by Wayne BollandsISBN: 978-1-85818-758-756 pagesPaperback$29.00 from On Military MattersA new "Cold War Gone Hot" rules set has hit the market, and I've gotten an chance to take a look at it. The only reference to the novel series is that shares the name, and something of the premise, but no hovercraft or hard as nails snipers to be found here! It's a shame, because that series was very, very gameable, both from a RPG and wargaming perspective. The production quality was fairly good, and I was pretty chuffed with it when I first got it, but there were some issues. First, I wasn't too happy that some of the gear mentioned in the squad organizations was not stated out in the game. Granted, an M113 is probably very much like an FV-432 in game terms, but it's really kind of phoned in IMO, or one size fits all ATGM?!You can tell it's descended from "Living on the Frontline", and the game's system is very, very similar, if not identic

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