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Story Builders Preview

Note: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. This post was a paid preview, you can find out more information here. Building sagas, following quest chains, telling tales of your adventures – Story Builders is a game system for storytellers. Using interconnecting tokens, players will weave the […]

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Decrypto Board Game Review

Stats: No. of players: 4-8 Amount of time to play: 30-60 min Age requirements: 10+ Set-up time: 5 min Decrypto is a puzzle-solving, word game for two teams. You must give clues that relate to three of your four keywords without revealing those four keywords. Decrypto Rules Description: Each team starts Decrypto with four keywords that only their team can see. Every round one player from each team draws a code card. The card will have a sequence of three numbers between one and four. That player must write down a clue that relates to the corresponding numbered keyword. These clues are read aloud and the opposing team writes them on their sheet. Then each team guesses which clue goes with the corresponding keyword. If the team misses their own clues they get a miscommunication token. If the opposing team guesses your code they get an interception token. If either team gets two miscommunication tokens or two interception tokens the game ends. The team with two miscommunication tokens loses or the team with

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