September Games - Week One

As I am planning to play a game every day through the month of September, I thought I'd do weekly updates, rather than a monster post at the end of the month. As noted in my Fall Plans, I am continuing the tradition of 30 games in 30 days for September, but instead of making the kids play all of the games with me, I'm just doing it on my own. Oh, surely they will play SOME of the games with me, but the challenge is a personal one, and some of the games will be played with people other than my own family members.I'm also not making any requirements that every day be a different game, as we have some years. So, there may be a few days where I do play a quick game of For Sale with the kids, just to get a game in before going to bed.Here's how the first week went!Sunday, 1 September 2019Sunday afternoon Brent came over to play Nautilus with me and Amanda. The funny thing is the game used to belong to Brent! He won it at Fallcon (in a raffle) played it once with his kids, years ago, then is sat on his shelf f

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August's Games

Friday, 2 August 2019On Friday our friend Laura joined us for a game of Nations.I played Greece, Amanda played China, Keira played Persia, Laura played Egypt, and Finnegan played Rome. Amanda totally crushed it, ending the game with 51 points. Laura wasn't far behind with 49 - which is pretty AMAZING, considering it was her first game!! The kids and I were all in the 30s and felt like total amateur chumps... aye-yi-yi!Saturday, 3 August 2019Another Dungeon Crawl Classics afternoon. It's been hard to get the WHOLE gang together through the summer, but EVERYONE showed up this week - AND they even had a NEW player! (Not to mention gender parity among the players!). She was a welcome addition to the group. AS they arrived at their first encounter the Boyz were getting out their weapons and warming up their dice ready for a fight and she said, very loudly; "Hey! Could we NOT just murder the first group of people we happen to meet along this road!?" Keira was very excited about this, as this is the w

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Najbolje društvene igre za parove

Ah, Dan zaljubljenih, Sveti Trifun, Valentinovo… ili kako već želite da zovete 14. februar. Dan kada se, obično sa zakašnjenjem, setite da učinite neki lep gest za svoju lepšu polovinu. A možda samo želite i da se zavalite u toplinu doma i zajedno uživate u nekoj društvenoj igri. […]

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