Path to Glory

Path to Glory - part 2

Hi all,Welcome to part 2 of my path to glory series. It’s actually the third game since I started the idea, but since the second game was so very one-sided I decided not to dedicate a whole article to it as there was little to learn. I’ll do a very brief run-down of it first. The third game, which took place last night, was in our club’s knock-out tournament, and was set for 2000 points and pitched the Swords of Dawn against the Blood Angels.Read more »

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Path to glory - part 1

Hi guys,I thought that as I’m taking a fresh start completely in a lot of aspects of the hobby this year, I’d also try and do regular updates of my games, and add in some analysis of them from a tactical point of view. That’s not to say I want to get all competitive over my armies and my unit choices, but more that in order to improve as a player, I think it’s important to take time to look back on your games and what happened, why and how to improve your play going forward. Read more »

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