FOE Patreon is live

The FOE Patreon is finally on-line! Before making the big announcement, I wanted to put up a few articles already so you would be able to see what you were subscribing to, not just a blank entry. I have a race write-up, and some additional background for Akhamet. Coming in the next days: fiction, Herolab mapping, more background for the race, completing the background entry, and going from inspiration to design. All these topics will be covered, so it is more than "just" a 5e Patreon, it is something for all fans of RPGs. Where is it? Simply click on the Patreon link!

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FOE to Launch Patreon Page in 2019

One of the many things I have been working on to grow FOE is a Patreon page. I plan to produce some content for it: I will have bunch of short "One-page dungeon" adventures, maps I drew, new races, monsters, NPCS, and anything else you propose. Some of it will be 5e-focused, but I expect to post a lot of it in a system agnostic way. I do have a few ideas for other random things. Things I'm not sure this blog is the right place to fit it. Whether you are interested only in 5th Edition game material or not, you will still find great material for your game from that Patreon. I am building it up now and will make an announcement about when it will be ready. My goal for it would be to provide small products, such as races, encounters, short adventure ideas, and art. Now, before you ask, YES, all content posted on the Patreon will be available for the Legacies Organized Play Campaign. So by joining, you will get additional game-friendly material. No, this blog is not going away. It will remain as what it is: a

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