Perry Brothers

Another Perry Brothers battle. Battle outside Damascus, 1148

It is time for some Perry eye candy as I call it.  The Brothers know how to put on a battle..The protagonists-from the left; Peter, Florian, Alan, Margret and MichaelGeneral advance for the crusadersThe first muslim movePeter's French make a right turn to protect the flankOne of Margret's columns of horse archers lead by ghulamsFlorian's HospitiallersMargret's garrison pours out of the city gateKonrad's's advanceThe German knights thunder into Alan's ghulams but bounce off...The fanatics are unleashed on a unit of Baldwin's spearsPeter's knights pursue a unit of Margret's ghulams and are in turn attacked in the rear by her horse archersThe same close fighting up the east-west roadThe Hospitallers wreaking revenge for the German knights.Konrad, in the centre, lucky to survive a combat where his dismounted knights were slaughteredThe napfa unit on the roof survived the battle with only one casualtyA unit of Damascus militia stoically take heavy casualtiesPeter's blocking forceMu'in al-Din Abu Mansur Anur c

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