Phantom Titan

MORE Mistakes Were Made...

That thing I said about "No more eBay purchases"...?Mistakes were made.Actually, I did kind of tell myself I wasn't going to purchase anymore stuff off eBay... UNLESS one of these came along for a not-too-unreasonable price! Then that kind of happened.Anyone paying REALLY close attention to the previous post might have noticed me mention some... stuff... needing to be painted.Anyway, I woke up to this notification...and I may have squealed like a little girl and then done a happy dance...Then these showed up today...An old Armorcast Eldar Phantom Titan and an equally old Armorcast Eldat Tempest Heavy Grav Tank.Some of my other Aeldari Heavy Hitters - that all still need to be painted (or... Repainted). I also have a Wraithknight, but it's in pieces still and couldn't be propped up for the photo!Looking at these, I'd seriously like to get a second Revenant Titan and third Tempest...For a sense of scale here they are with my Imperial titans, a squad of infantry and Keira's Wraithknight - which is almo

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