Planet Eaters

Let’s Play! – Monsterpocalypse 2nd Edition from Privateer Press

It’s time for another Let’s Play! Today we take a look at the newest incarnation of Monsterpocalypse – the game of Monstrous Combat, with the Protectors led by Defender X taking on Gorghadra!

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First Games of Monsterpocalypse: Defender-X, Terra Khan, Gorghadra, Ares Mothership

A few weeks ago, Francesc came over and we played our first games of Monsterpocalypse. He played a couple demos before this, and because I had both starters we each had rulebooks we could consult mid game.We tried a 1v1 monster game first, followed by 2v2, and a few things seemed clear:Throwing monsters into buildings is brutal. And the line to watch is the line where your monster can be thrown. Throwing isn't based on enemy positionBuildings give two power dice when destroyed instead of the 1 we were doing1v1 monster is okay. The game seems to need 2v2 monsters.I need to protect my monsters with units...or more in the case of facing Mothership AbductionsGorghadra endgame is brutalI push my monsters too far forward early on. Let the units and buildings take the hits.We played again another time, so something to look forward to in the future!

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Completed Planet Eaters

Finished painting my Planet Eaters the other night. You can see them here with some of the other eclectic things I keep around on my table at any given moment.The purple/blue black ties them in with my Martian Manhunters. I painted the flesh bone and put purple ink into the recesses and then went ahead and highlighted back up to bone.For the elites I reversed the carapace/skin tones.Some glue streaked the base of one of my elites (I don't think you can tell in the photograph) because when I sat the model down it didn't stick, and Chompers have a really bad footprint for gluing down to a base. It's like it's on two toes and there's a vent you have to clean resin off there while you're at it. If you don't file it flat it might be difficult to set the thing down onto a base.I'm still meditating on how I want to transfer this paint scheme to my Lords of Cthul. Maybe do the bonewhite on the tentacles and think of something else for the skin?By the same token I'm trying to figure out how to tie my Protectors togeth

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