Big in Japan

As mentioned, we’re looking to have some new releases at Tabletop Gaming Live, and these are the first of them. The Japanese Aeronef fleet is the penultimate one of the major powers to get an overhaul (the US are coming by the end of the year), with replacements for the Yamashiro and Yashima battleships and […]

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GMG Infinity Preview – Aragoto Senkenbutai for JSA!

Carlos has sent along another great Infinity preview for you to enjoy! “Aragoto Senkenbutai for the Japanese Secessionist Army, for the NA-2. It’s a box with 2 miniatures. -“The Aragoto Senkenbutai, the Nipponese immediate intervention force, is the spear-head of attack operations. Mounted on their powerful motorbikes, the Aragoto are the champions of the asphalt.”

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GMG Reviews and Battle Report – Codex: Space Wolves

  Lots of stuff on the Paint Table this week as I work on some new units for my 40k Space Wolves, get started on my House Stark half of the Song of Ice and Fire starter set and put together my two forces for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

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