Primaris Space Marines

Allies of Inconvenience- Episode 23: Space Marines Post Iron Hands FAQ & Psychic Awakening

Join us this month and Evan, Chris and Jason actually manage to stay largely on topic and discuss their recent hobby progress and games played, cover the major changes that came with Iron Hands and their FAQ, and discuss the new psychic awakening campaign and the first release wave for it: Phoenix Rising.Special apologies for Evan's audio this episode. The microphone malfunctioned and no one was aware until after we had recorded the episode.Listen/Subscribe on iTunes Listen/Subscribe on SpotifyListen/Subscribe on Google PlayListen/Subscribe on Stitcher00:00 Intro04:59 Hobby Progress & Games Played35:45 Iron Hand Supplement and FAQ review1:04:07 Psychic Awakening Pheonix Rising DiscussionSongs and SoundclipsBlue Mark- Atlan UrtagKaap mere- BugotakClip 1- Iron Man 3Clip 2- Conan the BarbarianClip 3- Conan the Barbarian

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Allies of Inconvenience- Episode 21: Forge World Knight Update, Primaris Codex, and Mad Ramblings

This month Chris, Jason and myself sit down to discuss the recent Forge World Knight update for 40k and the rumoured forthcoming Primaris Marine Codex. And in between all of them we ramble on and off topic regarding things such as the announced Eisenhorn television show and various other hobby/nerdom related topics. So if you have ADD like us, this is the episode for you!Listen/Subscribe on iTunes Listen/Subscribe on SpotifyListen/Subscribe on Google PlayListen/Subscribe on Stitcher00:00 Intro02:52 Hobby Progress and wandering deliberations on the hobby in general24:50 Forge World Knight Update discussion... and more wandering deliberations58:36 Upcoming Primaris Codex release... and yet more mad ramblingsSongs and SoundclipsBlue Mark- Atlan UrtagKaap mere- BugotakClip 1, 2, 3 - Kylo Ren Out Takes, by Auralnauts on Youtube

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If normal Marines are staying, GW has to fix its Primaris problem

For the sake of this article, we are going to take GW at face value and believe them when they say "Old Space Marines aren't going away." I know a lot of people don't believe that. And it is hard not too. All the new artwork is Primaris. All the new Space Marine models are Primaris. The lore just makes Primaris better in pretty much every way... so why would old Space Marines even remain a thing (outside the Horus Heresy range).But going forward we are not going to ask "Why?" We are going to ask "How?"The title of the article claims GW needs to fix their Primaris Problem. Well "what is that problem?" you are asking. It is really a two fold issue.1- Primaris are better in everyway to space marines as is. Lore wise they are bigger, stronger, faster, tougher and have more enhancements. They have newer weapons with greater range and damage. They have a few new vehicles which are pretty impressive. They are just, as I said, better in every way. To top it off, they are also better than how the Emperor designed them

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