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Salute 2019 – Another Year, Another Wonderful Show

On a rather delightfully warm Saturday morning, I found myself once again trekking to the hallowed tabletop show that is Salute. Once again the tabletop masses descended unto the London Excel for Salute 2019. Grab [...] The post Salute 2019 – Another Year, Another Wonderful Show appeared first on Tabletop Games UK.

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Prodos 28mm Aliens Colonial APC and 15mm Crabby Aliens.......

.....the Majoidea!My mate from England (no not Ray) asked me to paint a few things, one of those things was this 28mm Aliens Colonial Marine APC from Prodos Games, my mate said it was a bastard to put together, mold lines, parts not fitting together etc..............and don't get me started on the transaxle!!!!!!!He supplied the paint and the chaos began.......The crab like aliens are from Khurasan and the name actually came from an actual crab species I liked the name of......but also known as the Crabby 8!These were part of a submission to the ongoing challenge but still currently behind Ray"Budgie Smuggler" Rousell!

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More 15mm rubble. Prodos Weyland Yutani Commandos and a welcome visitor ........

.....bearing gifts!Have a few more rubble markers to show, I do think now that the articulated lorry trailer should have been damaged more even if it was full ( I have another one I might do differently).....15mm figure for scale........My damn fine good friend (Vinnie) from Somerset arrived for a weeks holiday bearing birthday presents including books and scenery, here he is eating the last of the scones and annoying the dogs with his views on sharing....... He is a fellow wargamer and currently loves the Prodos 28mm range of aliens, marines and predators, I painted these commandos for him while he was here........

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