Star Wars LCG Progression, Part 1

So, I love card games for many reasons, but a big one is that I love the deck-building side of things.  Sitting down with an idea, fleshing it out with a variety of cards from the card pool, and then taking your ideas and throwing them against your opponent's ideas?  Well, it's just fantastic.Now, as part of this, I really enjoy exploring the whole card pool.  That card that no one ever throws in their decks?  Yeah, those are the cards I like looking at, and seeing if I can't get some mileage out of.  It's a big part of the enjoyment for me.  So LCGs are really a natural fit- I always get a full playset of the cards with my purchases, and with no rarity, the companies should have a disincentive to printing 'bad' cards.  Every card should have a role to fill in the meta and the card pool.  Otherwise, what was the purpose of printing that card?When the Star Wars LCG came out, I played a decent amount of it, especially when the only product out was the Core Set.  Now

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