Proxy Models

Proxy Infernal Army

Can you guess the proxies? (Answers below)Agathon- HarbingerForeboder- Stormwall StormpodTormentors - Dire Troll MaulersLord Roget d'Vyaros - Orin MidwinterGreat Princess Regna Gravnoy - Obavnik ZerkovaMordecai - Broadsides BartUmbral Guardians - Exemplar WardersValin Hauke - GravusCultist Band with Quintus Faustus - Holy Zealots with Monolith BearerCultist Bands 2 and 3 - Choir and Holy ZealotsHowlers - FennbladesInfernal Gate - Shrine of the LawgiverDesolators - Dire Troll BombersSoul Stalkers - Angelius (serpentine!)Shrieker - Pyre TrollPlayed a proxy test game with the new Infernals rules tonight. They were kind of gross but I screwed up my deployments in multiple ways. Maybe need some time to post the result. I accidentally put the desolators on the table instead of the Tormentors and summoned them backwards that way.

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