Pulp era

Some new weapons for Mad Maximilian 1934

Harpoon Guns are hip My recent foray into running Mad Maximilian 1934 at ScrumCon 2019 made me realize I have not really written down some ideas I’ve had for weapons that probably SHOULD be in the Mad Maximilian rule book but aren’t. So this quick post is to redress this. I’ve worked out how to use Harpoon Guns, Grenades, Mines and Molotov Cocktails for a while now but needed to put it down on paper so I could attach it to my QRC sheet for convention games. I might as well share them with anybody that is interested. Disclaimer: These weapons are added as a fan based player aid, offered for no recompense and as a derivative effort. This document is not authorized by Mana Press, and their efforts are acknowledged for its inspiration. If you want a new weapons sheet, go here to download the PDF. If you have ideas about other weapons that aren’t in the current rulebook and fit the early 20th century/pulp mystique of Mad Maximilian, I encourage you to share them either on the Facebook Group

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Mad Maximillian 1934 at ScrumCon

I don’t want to overwhelm the ScrumCon 2019 after action report (last post) with a post on a game I ran, or it would load the post with pictures of one event. I took one of the game slots in the morning shift of ScrumCon, which meant a 10:00 AM start time. We had no trouble setting up– terrain is basically a flat cloth, some scatter terrain, a few bluffs, the pyramids indicating where you need to turn, and the Gates at the near and far end. I had about 20 vehicles, with a wide range of sizes and classes. Seen in photo: Blue Horizon, Lil Red Devil, Rickety Racer, A Touch of Elegance, People’s Collective, The Singular (monowheel), and Brutarian. When it comes to customizing vehicles I like to start with a recognizable historical concept– like the Bentley, the Bugati, the Soviet Armored Car, etc., so I don’t make insane car customization. The semi-historical element adds to the whimsy element. I ran Mad Maximilian 1934 at Fall IN! 2018 with Jon Lunberg.  I was noticing kind of a run

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First Game of Mad Maximilian 1934 with real humans

As you know if you read this blog from time to time, I’ve had kind of this thing about the Mad Maximilian 1934 game from Mana Press, car models produced by my old friend Nic Robson at Eureka Miniatures.  I like the time period, I like the technology being represented and I’ve enjoyed converting the vehicle models to use in the game as past posts might indicate.  Last Saturday was my first time running an actual of Mad Maximilian 1934 for a group of real players, namely the gaming group I play with, the Second Saturday Scrummers. I am signed up to run this game at Fall-IN this year, so I appreciated their kind forbearance and patience.  It was a learning experience.  Driver Al Einstein and the Red Masque machine! We had four players at start: Joe, John, Rich and Steve.  Since I have enough cars for a large squad, we ran two vehicles per player.  Every vehicle type was represented– Junkers, Jalopies, Motorcycles and Buggies.  Jared arrived late and I gave him a team of Pedestrian Ambush type

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