[EN/PL] The thing about Kobolds / Rzecz o Koboldach #1 (Northumbrian Tin Soldier The Beardfolk)

I warmly welcome!Today, I invite you to the first entry about Kobolds! Close cousins of dwarves, of whom I already have a few bands in my collection, that's why the choice fell on this legendary breed known from European folklore.       I recently received a shipment from Northumbrian Tin Soldier, which is the home of the excellent "Nightfolk" series with dark fantasy miniatures. Old School + atmospheric design!In the middle of these packages, in addition to "Nightfolks" I got a whole series of "Beardfolks", bearded gentlemen and women who will feed my ranks of kobolds (Thanks David!).The first painted two in the pictures below - I added shields to the original models that have no traditional dwarves motifs, but Celtic-Welsh. That's how it will be in my kobolds team ;-)Kobolds, or other dwarves, ghosts, malicious house dwarfs or gnomes guarding underground treasures.Kobolds are figures from German folklore, but nowadays we often find them in fantasy literature and role-playing games. Forme

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