Punishment tables for RPG Players

We all have our own little pet peeves when it comes to playing Roleplaying games, especially if we’re the GM. You might hate people being on their phone at the table. You might have it when people don’t listen or pay attention. Maybe your least favourite thing is tardiness and a lack of commitment. Whatever it is, the Perpetrators deserve to be punished. That is why we have put together these punishment tables.   I know people are against punishing in game characters for the transgressions of their real life counterparts, so I created a table both for punishing PCs and Players alike.   It is up to you how you use these tables. You could assign misdeeds a value and look that value up on either (or both) of the charts to determine the punishment. You could say that any misdeed is punished by the player rolling a D100 to determine the punishment. Alternatively you could just decide yourself which punishment you feel is most appropriate.   So without further ado, here are our tables for

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