April Games

April games bring May... ?Wow... Where did April go!? It feels like it just FLEW by!!! Here are the games we played through the month...Monday, 1 April 2019We kicked off April with a game of Terraforming Mars. We played on the Elysium board.  I played Terractor, Amanda played the Mining Guild, Finnegan played Phobolog, and The Girl played Thorgate.This was a lower scoring game than some of our other recent games. Not sure why? Everyone rushing to Terraform the damned planet and grab as many Terraforming points as fast as possible…?Amanda took Ecologist and Tychoon milestones, I took first for Celebrity Award, Finnegan took second for Celebrity Award, and The Girl took Specialist Milestone - but only because she went before me that turn! Had I gone first that turn, we would have ended up tied for second one point behind Amanda. As it was The Girl won with 69 points, Amanda was second with 65, I had 59 and Finnegan had 44.Wednesday, 3 April 2019My friend Kurtis came over for supper and a game. I made some

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