Command Points are 8th Edition’s Psychic Dice

TL;DR: They’re good at injecting flavor into the game, are fun in small quantities, but when deployed en masse break the game. This started as what was just going to be a flippant post to the Variance Hammer Facebook page, but on the drive home things…took a turn. So here we are, talking about how Command Points, and the problems with them, run pretty parallel to the problems 7th edition had with the Psychic phase. But What About Formations? “Wait!” You say. “Command Points and Stratagems replaced formations, everyone knows this!” From a gameplay and source of mechanics perspective, this is correct. Command Points and Stratagems replaced Formations as “The expandable way to inject army-specific feel and special rules into the game”. But it’s not the intent of a mechanic, or what role it fills, that is often problematic. Sometimes, it’s the mechanic itself – and that’s where we hit the 7th edition psychic phase. Looking back on my 7th ed

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2018 NOVA Open Invitational Bracket Benchmarks

So the 2018 NOVA Open Invitational is coming up, and there’s a bracket at https://challonge.com/NOVAinvite18 . Predictions based on brackets are always interesting, because they both give you the chance to source a wide range of predictions (there are 110 now) and they let everyone include whatever soft factors they think are important. I hate making them. I’ve never been good at them (though once, by accident, I nearly won an NCAA pool) and beyond that, with as random a game as 40K is, I don’t think the failure of any given bracket actually indicates a failure of that prediction method to work. So instead, I’ve made two what I call “benchmark” brackets – brackets based of randomness that can serve as comparators to people’s actual brackets, if they’re so interested. The Random Bracket: This is the crudest of all brackets, and is spiritually the same as the randomly selected Fantasy Football team that I never actually submit because it’s against the

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