Path of the Outcast

I finished up the Rangers I need for the Strange Bedfellows tournament coming up in June."Need" is a funny word to use there, as I did not NEED them at all. I have other painted rangers I could have used...But they don't MATCH!?It's true, I AM a special kind of stupid...MORE Aeldari Rangers in the Cool Alien Camouflage (cool as in cool colours - Blue, Green, Purple... as opposed to the Warm Alien Camouflage).One of them is a conversion that I used a Drukhari head on. not because I thought, "Hey, it would be cool to put a Drukhari head on one of these rangers...", but because one of the Ranger minis I got in the recent Big Batch of Eldar didn't have a head... and I had lots of Drukhari heads... and I recently read Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe and one of the Striking Scorpion characters is later revealed to be a Drukhari that was captured or surrendered in a battle against the Alaitoch craftworld and somehow became one of them...? I thought, of all the paths, the Path of the Outcast (which the Rangers foll

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MORE Aeldari Rangers

Following hot on the heels of my first batch, here are some MORE Aeldari Rangers!A second squad of Aeldari Rangers from Games Workshop.These I did on the reverse side of the "reversible cloak" I painted on the others. Still with the alien camouflage. I've feeling like the black on this one made it a little too stark - the blues and greens were a bit more subtle. Maybe I could have used a dark brown...? Ah, well.. I'm not going to repaint them or anything...I have one more squad of five rangers to paint up at some point, but I'm going to wait on this for a bit, as I have other things I need to finish up for the Battleforce Recon tournament in just FIVE WEEKS!The force so far - Could put together a pretty good Kill Team out of this lot...Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:Probably more painting updates. The REdemptionists are still on the workbench, but all the Eldar I need for the tournament are also on there now... Not sure which I'll do next...

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Aeldari Rangers

I've decided to work on some of the Aeldari figures I've collected up over the last few years. Though I've been meaning to get working on them for some time, the impetus for this was seeing all the other people playing Imperial forces at the Battle of the Abyss last weekend. I don't think there was anyone at all playing Eldar, so the likelihood of me having to play "blue-on blue" games at any local events I happen to attend should be greatly diminished. Also if I have two full-sized opposing forces I'll be able to set up games, with narrative scenarios, that no one has to bring minis to.I think the Eldar were my first 40K love. I can't say they were my first 40K miniatures, as those would be that original box of plastic "beaky" marines - the very first 40K minis that were available at the Wizard's Corner - my FLGS in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in the late 80s). I also bought a few Space Orks - a few Gretchin that were produced under license by Rafm at the time (which I think were the first METAL 40K mini

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