Reality's Edge

Reality’s Edge, prepping my 15mm Cyberpunk

I got high hopes for Reality’s Edge for some Cyberpunk skirmish gaming. I’m hoping it will work with my existing 15mm collection. I have always loved the William Gibson novels and and Ghost in the Shell and looking forward to gaming it.Section 9 arrives to the work site where the renegade bioroid was spotted.I’m not seeing anything on the spectrum...But these crates have military grade warheads inside...Over there!Major! I’ll cover you!Police glider provides spottingStand down!Arrrghh!Hard suits arrive to support the major-but the bioroid has reinforcements of its own, a thinktank!More to come,Doc

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GMG REVIEWS – Reality’s Edge: Cyberpunk_Skirmish_Rules by Osprey Games

  It’s time for another GMG Review! Today I take a look at Osprey’s upcoming character-driven Cyberpunk skirmish game, Reality’s Edge. In the tradition of Neuromancer, Blade Runner, Altered Carbon and all your other favourites, your Show-Runner and his band of characters will navigate life in the Sprawl, look for Job-Ops and try to not to fall victim to being Pawns of the Shadow-Broker or his Rivals. Out it August 2019 – it is currently available for Pre-Order HERE: GMG Measuring Gauges and Tokens available HERE:

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