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Haven't been updating on work in progress of late and really should be doing so more often.This year has seen a major rebasing project start with all the Late Romans and allies being rebased for ADLG. As expected this has created a few gaps here and there which has resulted in the following. Heavy infantry from Gripping Beast that are so very nearly complete. A bit of work on the trousers and the spears and its off to the basing queque. These six troopers will complete two stands of heavy swordsmen protected that are core units for the Late Romans.Next up is a Hun horse archer fromGripping Beast. This figure will complete a stand of light cavalry bow giving five of these once the rebasing is done. Whilst fragile units these are key to the Hun army and will stand as allies in the Late Romans and Goths.Next, a mounted horn blower from Foundry which ironically have tried to sell on several occassions and failed to do so. This figure will join one of the command stands currently being worked on.Three mo

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Some armies are never truly finished and when the decision is made to rebase an "finished" army gaps start to appear. These figures have been painted for a while now, however look a bit lost on the command stands on there own.Currently just been started is a mounted horn blower, not strictly a cornicen as the horn is not a cornu.When completed this will fill a gap on one of the stands however  foot standards and musicians would set the stands of perfectly. If anyone has anf figures from Foundry's LR005 spare please leave a comment.More to follow soon on this never ending project as there are five mounted archers and eight cataprachts needing painted along with a host of other things for other projects ongoing and stalled alike.Cheers for now

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The IX Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge starts on Friday 21st December and the prep is still moving towards completion. To add to the spirit of the challenge the Late Roman army currently based for Impetus will be rebased. Wargames Foundry Late RomansRebasing is the bane of many a gamer, for some the end of both system and army. To avoid selling the Late Romans and gain the most use of the figures; the frontage for the of the basing will be 60mm. Nothing new there, however this will allow ADLG, the DBx family, Hail Caesar and Impetus to be played.On reflection, the hassle of rebasing is offset by the use it will offer in the future.Cheers for no

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