Red Sonja

Red Sonja : She Devil with a Sword

First post of the week, and I am still carrying on with the comic book based theme as FCBD is rapidly approaching (Saturday 4th May). I still have posts on Conan and King Conan to follow this one over the next couple of days, and one or two similar before getting back onto gaming and my miniatures collections next week, hopefully.Following on from the Kull and Solomon Kane summaries, here is a similar one for my Red Sonja collection. This didn't appear last week as it took an age to find and enter all the details - I spent a fair bit of the weekend tracking stuff down and collating the details for this post and the Conan ones to follow over the next couple of days. That said, as most of the work for Red Sonja was done over the weekend, it meant I could post earlier today as most of the details had already been added to this entry.This is a far more extensive collection than either of her Robert E. Howard stable mates but I didn't actually buy everything that was available. I avoided the Marvel reprint collect

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Comics Week and FCBD 2019

This will probably be a bit of a rambling post, so apologies in advance. This week is a shorter working week due to the bank holiday for Easter, so there will be fewer entries. Friday just gone was a bank holiday too, so last week was also a shorter week, but it passed me by due to not being in work and hence why I made a blog entry every day. I am hoping to blog every week day whilst I am not working to give me something to do as a break from looking for work and therefore keeping my sanity a bit longer. It sure beats watching day time TV (which I don't do anyway) or just staring at the same four walls (or procrastinating for hours on end). That said, I do keep myself busy by doing the household chores, going to the gym, running and prepping minatures for painting in between the hours I spend trawling the net for a new role.So, now that all of my Lord of the Rings figures are prepped in readiness for undercoating and a bit of putty work (I still need to source some decent, easily workable stuff) I have time

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