A Graveyard (Much Delayed)

File this one under “long neglected projects finally finished”, I guess. I’ve finally based, painted, and finished the last of the Renedra gravestones I started way back in February 2013, which were actually purchased in December 2012. Back in 2013 half of them (one of the two identical sprues) got cleaned up, based, sand added to the bases, and grey primed, and that was it. For more than five years. The original 2013 batch of graves, based but not yet primed. Click for slightly larger. In early 2018 I pulled the 2013 bits out of storage and got them painted up and flocked fairly quickly for the game I ran at Trumpeter Salute 2018. The paintjob was pretty simple. I hit all of them with a wash (GW Nuln Oil or Earthshade), then drybrushed and scrubbed various other colours across the stones. Two different shades of grey, some dark green, two shades of tan, and two shades of off-white applied in different amounts to different stones give a bit of variation to each stone. Finally, this week I

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a few scenic bits

Took some time to finish off a plastic renedra church ,I based it along with some Renedra grave stones .The church is ok it doesn't fit together too well but its cheap and fits in with a few games I plan F.I.W and ACW for sharps practice and will feature in a upcoming scooby doo game for 7TV ,the grave yard will also fit into a few different games I plan at some point to get a european style church . Also based 2 cabins for my FIW set up I have already used them unbased but the bases set them off and protect them in storage ,the cabins are 4ground which are nice and fairly easy to put together I plan on getting a few more for my American frontier hamlet .

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