Renegade Open

Daily Chronicle: "Renegade Open 2019" Registration Open

Registration for the Renegade Open went live this morning.  The event will be held in Minneapolis Minnesota November 22nd-24th, and 2019 will be it's 7th year.I have never attended the Renegade Open in the past, so 2019 will be our first year, and my son and I are mainly heading up there for the Batman Miniature Game.  There are not too many conventions that run BMG (AdeptiCon/MuseOn Con/Renegade Open), so we might as well get some games in of BMG when we attend these events.  We'll be busy with Guild Ball in September and October, so November will be a nice change with BMG.The drive for us to Minneapolis about 8-10 hours, so unfortunately Sunday will have to be a travel day home, but with heading up there on Thursday, it will leave Friday and Saturday for gaming.The events we registered for are:Friday: Batman Miniature Game "The Dork Knight II" 250 Rep / $1000 FundingSaturday: Batman Miniature Game: "Nightfall III" 350 Rep / $1500 FundingI think with just two events I should be good for the we

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Daily Chronicle: Announced "Renegade Open 2019" November 22nd-24th

The Renegade Open is another gaming convention that takes place up in Minneapolis Minnesota, and 2019 will be it's 7th year.I have been contemplating on this event only because Warfaire Weekend (formerly Warmachine Weekend) also takes place in November.  Warfaire Weekend this year is changing formats from strictly Warmachine/Hordes to an overall convention (which is what the Renegade Open also is).So my funds will not allow me to attend both events in the same month (plus my wife would not be too pleased) so my son and I had to pick one.Our decision is for the Renegade Open, the main reason is that there will be 3 days of Batman Miniature Gaming,  The following is from the Renegade Open website:Bat-Fans, let the hype begin! The Renegade Open is November 22-24, and I am running THREE events this year! Friday will be a 250 rep Batmatch, Saturday will be the premier 350 rep, 4-round Batmatch, and Sunday will be a doubles tournament using my Dynamic Duos rules.Details to come on June 1st when tickets go

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