Renegades and Heretics

Dandy Snowflake, Renegade Commander

It's been a while due to the AHPC, but here is the first model for my 40k force painted up this year.And it's the commander for my Renegades and Heretics Slaanesh force.The model itself is actually one of the Freebooter's Fate fantasy pirate range, but I exchanged his scabberded sword with a plasmapistol, to represent him with this mighty pistol as well as a power sword.Taking more inspiration from the Italians in the second world war, where the officers in the desert theatre wore white uniforms with the necessary 'flouf', Iwent for an exorbirant colour scheme of adding pastel blues and purples to the uniform.  Lapels, plumes, they all got this flashy treatment to make him really stand out as such.Now to start work on some more heavy guns for the force...

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Ariete 32nd Chimera

The first piece of armour has been painted up for the Renegades and Heretics part of my force, in the form of a Chimera transport.These little tanks pack more firepower then their space marine equivalent, the venerable Rhino, and aren`t expensive at all coming in at 93 points for the basic version.While the barrel has been replaced, because, well, it was like that when I got it, it still nicely represents the multi laser cannon on the vehicle.No additional upgrades where taken for the little transport, who will serve to plug any leaks in the line with it's squad of guardsmen aboard, or as a mobile platform to go and contest objectives if the situation requires, hopefully holding out until reinforcements arrive.Now to bring in bigger guns for this part of the force...

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