A Raging Weiner in the Aftermath

You can’t say I’m not Johnny on the spot when it comes to trends.  GASLANDS (the Osprey car combat wargame in the blue series) has been out for what, like a year now?  I just got around to playing it for the first time last Saturday, despite it being this year’s new hawtness…  GASLANDS has caught on with many communities and has an appeal across age groups and with non-traditional gamers.  I think the appeal is in the easy mechanics and the artisan element with the vehicles.  Everyone seems to be in to converting Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars into Post-Apocalyptic death machines.  Some of them are pretty outrageous.  The thing about kitbashing post-apoc vehicles is it’s habit forming.  I should know, I have about 60 of them.. more than I’ll ever need, but that was for another game.  So when John put the word out for post-apocalyptic death rides, I maybe had a few. The Raging Weiner enters into the fray versus John’s Mon

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