To play Dust1947 during „Roll the Dice” / Zagrać w Dust1947 na „Rzuć Kostką”

Mercenaries & Axis Mercenaries & Cthulhu P.S. A-Case transport bag is very cool. / Torba A-Case jest spoko. Artykuł To play Dust1947 during „Roll the Dice” / Zagrać w Dust1947 na „Rzuć Kostką” pochodzi z serwisu Dust Brothers.

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VIVAT 2018

Another weekend, another show – that’s the life of the wargaming jet-set! VIVAT, which is hosted near Vienna, is a small and friendly show. It’s an event where historical wargamers from Austria (and from Hungary) come together, chat and play a couple of games. This year, there were six tables. Additionally, Sigur had his painting station and S-Games had a small table with wares. I used the opportunity to have another game of What a Tanker! This time, the game was set in boccage country, which made quite a difference from the desert setting I’ve played before. Considering that I’m not at all interested in tanks, I’ve a strange liking of this game – perhaps because I can just enjoy it as a game. There was also a SAGA game set during the crusades, which looked rather nice. The Jugula game presented by guys from Salzburg also looked spiffy. The arena was very effective and the game itself looked like fun. This one is a large game of The Great War. If I’m no

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After a break of two years, we finally returned to the biggest wargames show in Continental Europe, namely CRISIS in Antwerp. This is going to be long, so for those of you too lazy to read on: We had an absolute blast! For the rest: The weekend started on Friday, when we met up with Mikko (from Dawn of the Lead fame) and his fiancée Emmi. We had a nice dinner and an even nicer chat about wargaming, history, knitting and all kinds of other stuff. It was a great evening and we are very happy to have made new friends! The next morning, we were off to CRISIS. I was completely overwhelmed when I entered the hall – after a break of two years, it felt like the first time all over again! There was so much to look at that it took us two hours to even enter the second hall. We saw lots of great games – I think there were more games than the last tim I was there – and even played in on: The German trader Worean Shop had an ACW table for Regimental Fire & Fury and I always wanted to try those rules.

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