Living Dangerously at Albion Books

Over the weekend I went to Hastings for a short break with the wife and my youngest daughter. We tend to turn these sort of trips into a bit of book hunting exercise and this was no exception. One place I always try to visit when I am in Hastings is Albion Books as they have a lot of military books and magazines for sale. But be warned; a visit to this store is not for the faint of heart! The inside of this knowledge emporium is a Heath and Safety nightmare. And as that happens to be my job at the charity I work for, it does take some mental preparation (and checking of my Will) before I venture through the doors. Death by book avalanche is a very real possibility inside this shop! To the brave go the rewards however and if you are prepared to spend a long time browsing there is probably something for every wargamer in its tumbled and disorganised interior.   I was too timid to take a picture of the inside (I didn't want to offend the owner) but I found a great photo on Google Maps. Unfortunately I

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