Returning to D&D

Still crazy with Dungeons and Dragons, after all these years..

See this little guy?  He’s visually significant.  Someone in the Scrummers suggested we try good old fashioned Dungeons and Dragons for one of our game night choices.  I enthusiastically agreed, as did my son Garrett.  Enthusiastic.. despite D&D not being very “old fashioned” any more.  I haven’t played the game in at least 20 years or more so I know I’m too rusty to weigh in on the virtues of the current version 5.0.  I have been listening perhaps the best and funniest podcast on playing a roleplaying game ever, BRIAN POSEHN’S NERD POKER, on Apple Podcasts for the last 3 years or more– including a long break as they departed Earwolf and set  up shop independently.   Under the DM Dan Telfer (as good of a DM and storyteller as any player could wish for), the players have transitioned from the D&D ver 2 that I pretty much grew up with and used forever to the newest version 5.0 which is far more in depth than the version I got used to (inconsistencies and all). B

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