Reznik Wrath of Ages

Initiates of the Wall, version 2.5

So the first thing Privateer Press did to try to help the lackluster Initiates of the Wall was to give them Practiced Maneuvers. They basically got Tactician moves that let them move through each other during their activation. This let them charge into and out of their little triangle formations of 21 ARM at will.However, testing was still limited. Protectorate players didn't want to test them. So Privateer Press pushed the defense up a notch.Shield Guard. They can catch bullets for each other and for others. This helps them survive and not lose their ARM until they're ready.They can't be pushed around anymore. No more losing ARM bonuses to telekinesis or pushes.Points reduced down to 7.At FA:3 suddenly you can have NINE SHIELDGUARDS running around for 21 points at ARM 21. Immediately I thought of this fella. I don't even care if this is a good idea or not. NINE SHIELDGUARDS following around a lamentation warcaster on a huge base, speedbumping anyone who wants to go in on and him. He already cares less a

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