40k – White Scars Bikes & Rhinos

Hello! Time for another White Scars models While organizing the photos I found one of the older folders, containing unpublished photos (not the last one anyway). You can see a really big unit of Outrider Bikes, a few Attack Bikes and Rhino vehicles. Everything was treated with a pretty strong weathering using MIG pigments. I will devote one more entry to the above-mentioned White Scars this week, containing two really LARGE models. Feel warned! Commission painting services – minisforwar@gmail.com / Messenger

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30k – White Scars / Deimos Pattern Rhino

Hey! In today’s entry we return to my old works. On the photo you can see two Rhino transporters. As you probably noticed, their construction is slightly different from the “40k” versions of this model – the front and sides are different. The upper manholes, equipped with two bolters, are also slightly different. The presented vehicles are marked as MKIC Deimos Pattern and are one of the oldest development versions of this carrier. The models are painted in the colours of the Withe Scars Legion. In the next post you will find quite a large heresy army…. But that’s about it soon! Commission painting – minisforwar@gmail.com

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