Rotten Factory

[EN/PL] Mordheim stories: Rotten Cultists / Opowieści z Mordheim: Zgnili Kultyści #1 (Rotten Factory / Rotten Circus)

Hello everyone!Today, the return to the Mordheim, city of the Damned. All thanks to Paweł of Rotten Factory, who with the help of inhuman talent created wonderful models for ROTTEN CIRCUS, his new project .        DwarfCrypt was the first to receive the models of the upcoming Cultists and the more I am pleased to invite my Visitors to the first entry in which I will show the raw state of these resin works of art, and share my idea to use this plague troupe.The models shown and many, many other equally beautiful miniatures can be purchased at the crowdfunding: IAt the time when I was telling this story, the Empire was devastated by bloody civil wars and the Emperor's throne was empty. Then various powers and factions fought for power.In 1999, a comet with two tails was seen in the sky, a symbol of the god and the creator of the Empire - Sigmar.       Astronomers predicted that it w

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