Rules review

Mortal Gods - First Playthrough

So my mate, Alan, has been waiting with fevered anticipation for this to arrive and so when the postie delivered Mortal Gods (originally by a company called "War Banner" but who have now had to change their name to "Dark Peak Games" and then to "Footsore Miniatures and Games" due to having received cease and desist letters from GW and Peak Games - see the announcement here) to him a couple of weeks ago he has been been busy as the proverbial painting up the core set figures. And Alan being Alan, had also got the Spartan and Athenian boxed sets as well as a number of "extra" models so he has gone pretty well all in on the game!So when I went up to his house last week he had a couple of warbands pretty well all painted and ready to goAll set up and ready for actionEach player creates a Warband with each individual warrior, group of warriors and hero costing a number of points with 300 points being suggested for a reasonable sized game. Each Warband (or "Lochos" to give it it's proper title) is led by a "Lo

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Rangers of Shadowdeep - Rules Review and First Playthrough

So there has been a lot of chatter on the world wide web about these rules, being the latest creation from the man behind the Frostgrave rules, Joe McCullough, and having listened to his interview with Henry Hyde in his Battlechat and the Meeples Guys talking about it in Episode 262 it sounded like the sort of game that the THAGGers would be interested in.So a quick visit to Drivethru RPG and ordering the hardback book with the pdf file option the tome arrived about a week later. After a quick read through the THAGGers agreed that we would role up a Ranger character and have a bash at the introductory Mission in the book - "The Missing".Rangers is what you would call a "RPG lite" rules system, the player creates a Ranger who has a initial stat line consisting of movement, fight, shoot, armour, will and health. There are also a list of Heroic Abilities and spells that the Ranger can select and a list of inherent skills. By allocating build points between the stat line, abilities/

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