[EN/PL] Jarl Sigvaldi Strut-Haraldsson (Footsore Miniatures)

Hello everyone!It was long time since entry about  Vikings, which is why I invite you to a story about one Jomsviking. A man who was evil and two-faced, with a wicked character.  Welcome to the story of Jarl Sigvaldi.To today's entry I prepared a special miniature received from Footsore Miniatures specializing, among others, in figurines from "dark ages" but not only. If you do not know it yet, check them out! Jarl Sigvaldi was the semi-legendary chieftain of the fabled Jomsvikings and commander of their stronghold - Jomsborg. He succeeded Palnatoke as the leaders of the Jomsvikings in the late 10th century. The character of Sigvaldi remains largely enigmatic. As a leader, he was said to be more wily than brave despite leading such a powerful force,       Sigvaldi Strut-Haraldsson was the son of Jarl Strut-Harald, who ruled over the Danish territory of Scania and the brother of Thorkell the Tall, And cousin to Swedish Jarl Wiffen.  In order to win Astrid, th

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