My latest 3d prints

I decided to make some 15mm scale BTR-40's. These will be used for my Arab vs  Israeli  wars.  The profile I used for these  prints is the Fat Dragon Miniature profile.  The height is .08  for the layers. On the batch I going turn up the extruder heat to 215 instead of 185.  This might help smooth the prints out.   The BTR-40's where printed on my ender 3pro

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Pegasus Hobbies 1/72 Russian Buildings

My past post showed pictures of a WW2 era Russian village.   Here is your chance to build the village using Pegasus Hobbies Russian village buildings.  This series building had been around for many years.   Not many of us have seen these built.  Why because they are still in the box or hidden away in one's gaming pile of stuff.   Gary Beardaworth a member of the Battle Group face book page is the proud owner of these models shown below.  The buildings are Christmas present from his friend Simon.  The best part they come painted...  Plus the unassemblied builds are $9.00 to 11.00 USD

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Converting Winter Germans

I've covered the review on the German infantry in winter gear a couple of days ago and already opened up on the possibilities to convert them, by adding parts from other sprues and kits. Due to the way the miniatures in the Warlord Games kits are cut, it is quite easy to use parts from […]

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