10MM Seven Years War Russians

So after the Giant army I went the opposite way and returned to some 10mm Seven Years Wars.  As part of my Seven Years War collection I'm building the Russian army for the battle of Zorndoff.So lots of red uniforms.....and quite a few cossacks.Here are a few pictures of the batch I painted 9 Generals 9 Horse Grenadiers40 Grenadiers120 Musketeers Sorry for the bad pics, IPad.

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Qué será, será , Whatever will be will be!

Despite being an apt description of my wargaming philosophy, this quote is an apt description of my Mother-in-Law's outlook on what life chucks at you.This battle-report is unique in the annals of this blog: a battle in which I was on the winning side, despite not being there to share in the victory. Mrs. Rosbif's mother (Madame Mère?) has been not well for a while with unexplained symptoms. The symptoms were finally taken seriously by the saw-bones and further tests found a serious condition. With no further details we felt confident that she was in safe hands in the hospital where the specialists were considering what action to take. While Mrs.R visited her mother, I went to the club and started the game recorded  below. Two hours into the game, I got a text asking me to come to the hospital right away. I dropped everything and headed off after entrusting my troops to the chaps to look after in the interim. Getting to the hospital I found that my wife had learned the devastating news that her

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10mm Seven Years War

I have not painted 10mm Seven Years War for ages but a few packs fell in to my hands out of my 'lucky dip box' (I bag my figures for my ongoing projects into units and put them all into a big plastic tub and blind pic what to paint).  It just so happens that I got three bags in a row this time around.The whole batch.  In front are 5 Russian Generals. The Novotroiskiy Cuirassier, now all Russian cuirassiers in this period look the same.  Buff coats, red saddle cloths and black cuirass.  The only thing that marks the regiments apart are the colours of their standards, this regiments colour is green.The 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the Observation Corps Grenadiers.  the Observation Corps wore standard infantry uniform except for their boots, they had been issued with black dragoon boots, the dragoons where being reorganised at the start of the war. All figures are from Pendraken, my only (very small) moan, more of a exhale is the cast on flags and this is only because I am no

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