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Hello again. Welcome to Inso's World.This week has been a beautiful, challenging, tiring and rewarding week.Work has been really good. I have worked with some proper team players and have had a very positive week... even though the temperatures within the care home have been like a sauna and I have faced some challenging behaviour from some of the residents. The good thing about the challenging behaviour is that it isn't the resident's fault, it is their dementia so I can blame the disease and not the person which means I never feel the need to get upset with anyone.I can safely say that this week has really confirmed the fact that I love my job.In other news, the garden is now cleared and has been mowed and actually looks like a garden again... which is nice. As well as sorting the garden out, I also managed to get a trip out on my bike during the week and yesterday, I drove up to Aylesbury to see my in-laws. It was a lovely visit and although short, was very much worth the long drive.Alfie has properly sett

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Hello and welcome.This week has been one of all sorts of things so let's get to it.Cats.On Tuesday, little Alfie went to get his first jabs and have a check up. He's in perfect condition and is settling in beautifully. He has adjusted to all the cats and they have adjusted to him... so we have a four cat family now.Click the Vid!Sam, on the otherhand, hasn't had such a good week. He got himself injured and his tail stopped working. After a few days of him disappearing and me eventually coaxing him in, I managed to get him X-rayed at the vets and he isn't too damaged after all... just bruising, swelling and a temperature... so he had an infection as well. Pain-killers, anti-inflamatories and antibiotics are working to resolve the issue and he has started to regain the use of his tail again.Click the Pic!He's got to go back to the vets on Tuesday for a check up and has to be kept in... but he has resigned himself to his incarceration and it has given him a chance to enjoy the company of the kitten... and he has

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