Sarissa MDF

Riverine project 2.

A few more images of the British Tigris Motor Launch (now named M34) and the two barges  carrying 4.7 inch guns and ammunition lockers. Just need the white ensign, deck clutter, a observation platform and a crew. This is based on a watercolour illustration to be found in "Sailor in the Desert", the memoir of Philip Gunn published by Pen and Sword.

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Riverine Project 1.

A couple of of WIPs for you all to look at. These go alongside the Airboat on the previous post. The Sarissa MDF Stern wheeler kit, a Sarissa MDF River Launch, a couple of resin flat bottomed boats from ebay and some scratch built 4.7 inch naval guns. All destined for action on the Tigris, 1917-18. The armament on the stern wheeler still needs to be added along with a lightweight structure on the roof for artillery spotting, but I ain't worked out how to do this yet.

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