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Slipstream, 100 years later

The Slipstream story finished years ago. It had a clear beginning, middle and end and made a complete story arc. It popped back into my head as I was reviewing the next candidates for solo story telling exercises. As I read through those epic events questions started to arise in my mind. What happened next? […]

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Happy New Year Or 2019 - The Plan

So the end of a another year. Time for the usual renewal and looking forward to the future kind of post. Right now it does feel like a time of renewal. The new year appears to be a time when my life is about to change. Significantly so. In previous years this has been an upbeat post. It is odd that it was this day last year that everything started to change. Today things seem very precarious still. My predictions for the year to come seem to be more vague ideas than they have been in years gone by.This year has seen me me lose my auntie, my home, my relationship, my beloved car and about seventy five percent of my income. I have recently quit my job and now have to find one. Where I am living may be untenable soon. Many of these problems may sort themselves out and I have a feeling they will. Sadly it looks like nothing is going to sort out Fallout 76.This year has been a bit of a let down on the gaming front at least so I am at a bit of a loss of what to write this year. After splitting up at the beginning o

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Stiglo je digitalno izdanje Savage Worlds Adventure Edition RPG

Pinacle Entertainment Group je objavio digitalno izdanje svoje nove edicije univerzalnih RPG pravila. Posle uspešne Kickstarter kampanje tokom oktobra koja je isfinansirana za cirka 6 minuta, a ukupno skupila preko pola miliona dolara, konačno je dostupno PDF izdanje Savage Worlds Adventure Edition na sajtu Pinacle Entertainment Group. Savage […]

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