Scale 75

Lost in the Necropolis

This piece takes a lot of inspiration from the Heavy Metal band Manilla Road. The specific song, Lost in Necropolis being the main thematic drive. The song didn't tell tales of UFO's or water filled with the spirits of the fallen, but in my mind it's implied. When I began working on this piece, Mark Shelton, the nucleus of the band was still among the living. I wasn't sure if I was going to give this piece or simply present it to him and make that decision based on his reaction. Sadly he passed away before this piece was completed so I will have to discuss it with him on the ethereal plane when I too join the legions of dead.The lyrics are as follows:Through the jungle by the river StyxI've journed long and far this dayLurking shadows in the parapetsWill never make me turn awayDarkened city veiled in crimson mistEntombed in time without decayNever thought it would be like thisIt feels like I'm living inside a dreamBut my mind tells me I'mLost in NecropolisNow I know what it's like to beInside the city of

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Scale 75 - Halloween Offer

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