Scanian Wars

Marlborough's Danes

Yes, I know. How could Warfare have produced such an important component of the armies of the period without me getting my act together and at least letting everyone see what they look like in battalions?An unforgivable omission but as always I will trot out my 'one man team' excuse. Well, that and Ottomans, Wagonburgs, wee ships, Cossacks and the like.Anyway at last I have some units of Danes to show as I imagined them when first commissioned as sculpts. Smart uniforms, martial air, nice colour combinations - the Danes are one of those wargaming contingents which ticks every box - ubiquitous over an extended period, manageable in size, all arms present, nice uniforms and flags, a considerable amount of glory, some controversy and as I have said before.. the ain't nothing like a Dane!My main interest in the Danish contingent started with their involvement in Ireland. A reputation for professionalism and experience saw them used in the front line and frequently. Off the top of my head The Boyne, Limerick, rapp

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A wee taster.. With Talon and Claw.. news

Neil Roberts outstanding cover with some of Clarence's internal illosThe new Great Northern War supplement for Beneath the Lily Banners 3rd edition is calledWith Talon and ClawThe reason? Eagles and lions with their talons and claws appear in almost all of the arms of the combatant nations of the Great Northern and Eastern Wars - Swedes, Danes, Saxons, Prussians, Poles, Imperialists and Russians.... they were all tearing at each other for years. Some sample pages printed at half sizeIt may seem that I have been at this book for years but we are almost there. As a little bit of hard evidence I wanted to let anyone interested (and it seems that there are a fair few of you) have a shufti at some of the material going into the book. In fact, although the is no official release date I already have pre orders! Some of you were so keen that you got your shout in early. Thanks for that.The force builder section has more than 10 pages of full colour and brand new uniform and flag plates from ClarenceThe book is e

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Breaking the surface.. news on the GNW supplement

Mass charge by Polish cavalry 1683My snorkel has just broken the surface as I come up for air before submerging again into SALUTE 19 on Friday and Saturday.Brunswick-Celle infantry 1690sI have not been blogging with regularity over the last three weeks simply because I have snatched every waking hour to finish off the last photos for the new GNW supplement for Beneath the Lily Banners.The shot pool now stands at 307 pictures considered and about a further 200+ rejected for various reasons.The defence of Vlasivka 1709 - from the Battle report in the bookOf the 190 shots which appear in the book, 183 are finalized and in place. I have 7 little troublemakers to complete three of which should be done by the time this post appears. Taking wargaming pictures is great fun but very intensive. I remember watching Duncan Macfarlane do it about twenty years ago without the benefit of a digital camera and Photoshop. You really had to get it right then.Janissary columnNow at least, my process involves:1.Set up.2.Test shot

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