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Deep Madness – First Impressions

Deep Madness is a new boardgame from Diemension Games, originally funded via a Kickstarter project in November 2016 and delivered – admittedly almost a year late – in October 2018. Overview It’s a co-operative boardgame designed to be played by 1-6 players. The plot is straight out of a sci-fi/horror movie – the players take the roles of a team of investigators, employed by the Leng Corporation to investigate a mysterious loss of communications from the Kadeth deep-sea mining facility. You discover that the facility appears to have been strangely altered, and seems to be infested by gruesome horrors which may, in fact, be the mutated remains of the crew, or worse – monsters from some other realm of existence. The base game has eight scenarios, which lead the players through the main storyline of the game. There are other expansions which add further scenarios at various points in the story. In look and feel, the game itself is something of a crossover between Mansions of Madness

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